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category Charges($)
Registration fee Reservation is free
Professional cleaning ( Ultrasound+polishing ) 200
Teeth sandblasting 100
Comfortable cleaning 500
Opalescence Teeth Whitening 1800
Periodontal treatment Mild ( full mouth ) 1200
Moderate ( full mouth ) 3000
severe ( full mouth ) 6000~8000
Tooth filling Fuji Filling 180
USA 3M Z250 Resin Restorative 280
USA 3M P60 Resin Restorative 380
USA 3M Z350 Resin Restorative 480
Aesthetic resin filling 1000
root canal treatment root canal treatment ( piece ) 800 ( Special price )
Secondary root canal treatment 1500 ( Special price )
extract a tooth baby teeth 20
permanent anterior teeth 100
permanent molars 200
wisdom teeth maxillary wisdom teeth 300
Mandibular wisdom teeth 500
impacted tooth 800~1500
Radiation fee Micro X-ray 30/sheet
x-ray 100/sheet
CBCT 260/sheet
category Charges($)
e-max whitening veneers 2800
MEGA Slim Dental Veneers 3800
Denture Activity resin teeth 200
base Ordinary denture base 600
Bego denture base 1500~2200
dentures bps dentures ( half mouth ) 8000
invisible dentures 600/piece
fixed Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal Crowns 799 ( Special price )
all-ceramic crowns 1500 ( Special price )
German Wieland all-ceramic crowns 2800 ( Special price )
Lava all-ceramic crowns 4800 ( Special price )
post and core Fiber post 600
titanium post 1500
inlay EMAX Inlay 2500
3M Excellent Tough Porcelain Inlay 3600
Dental Implant ( include dental crown ) Dental Implants from USA 5180
Dentium Korean (hydrophilic) implant 6580
Anzhuojian dental implants 7990
Nobel PMC dental implants 9800
Nobel PCC dental implants 12800
Nobel Active dental implants 15800
Switzerland ITI dental implants(Non hydrophilic type) 9800
Switzerland ITI dental implants(Hydrophilic type) 15800
Implant maxillary sinus floor augmentation 2000/time
Orthodontics ( Special price ) retainer ( transparent ) 600
Classic Metal Braces 6600
Metal self-locking Braces 15000
Imported metal self-locking Braces 18800
Ceramic self-locking Braces 16800
American Damon ceramic self-locking Braces 20000
Smartee invisible Braces 18800
Angelalign invisible Braces 22800
Invisalign invisible Braces 32000
Note: The items marked in red are special items; the discount date is subject to the notice of the store.

Root Canal Treatment Package Discount

Root canal treatment + filling + crowns package
Root canal treatment+
Micro X-ray+
American 3M resin filling
+ Upcera all-ceramic crown
3M resin filling from the United States
+ all-ceramic crown imported from Germany
Root canal treatment ( tooth root ) + filling + inlay repair package
Root canal treatment+
Micro X-ray+
American 3M resin filling
+ E-max inlay
American 3M resin filling
+ 3M excellent tough porcelain inlay

*Thefull package price of 5800 yuan/piece, professional qualifications such as dentist experts, implant brands, and sterile operating rooms have been approved by the health department. The implants are guaranteed for life, and 5 years of free dental cleaning and postoperative professional inspections are sent.
* Make an appointment in advance, free of regular inspection fees, free of X-ray panoramic film inspection fees (in-hospital use), Cantonese consultation, support for UnionPay debit card, credit card, RMB, Hong Kong dollar, Alipay, WeChat payment, Hong Kong dollar free of intermediate price difference.